For Clinicians & Researchers

EyeGuide is used by medical professionals in 10 countries across the world to more objectively measure oculomotor function for clinical and research purposes.

In just 30 minutes, clinicians and researchers can be trained on how to use the simple and low cost device to undertake a test in just 10 seconds.

EyeGuide’s scientific and research efforts are lead by our Scientific Advisory Board chairman Dr Ruben Echemendia.


Real time objective data allows individuals or teams to be monitored over time to allow better decision making.

The modern oculomotor function test

If you are still waving your finger in order to do a oculomotor function test, EyeGuide can provide a much more accurate and objective measure to make more informed decisions.

EyeGuide’s smooth pursuit test, in conjunction with the the soon to be released express saccades, anti saccades and fixations, can be used to assess mTBIs, fatigue, alzheimer’s, PTSD, MS and other cognitive impairments.    

Our Scientific Advisory Board


Easy to understand results


A key benefit of Eye Guide is that each 10 second test instantly produces a score and 9 scale ranking from “Very Superior” to “Extremely Poor”. This allows an objective baseline to be set and then changes to the score monitored over time or after a specific incident. Below is a sample from a research study of a player who had an incident on the sports field and how EyeGuide was used to gather data during their recovery.

Baseline Ranking : High average

Ranking immediately after incident : Very Poor

Ranking 1 week after incident : Borderline

Ranking 2 weeks after incident : High average

To find out how EyeGuide can capture more objective oculomotor function data for your clinic or research study please enquire now.