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Geelong Cats captain Joel Selwood launches Baseline Your Brain for over 30,000 AFL players

Published Date : March 2, 2022

Over 30,000 junior and senior Australian Football players in Victoria will have access to EyeGuide’s simple, 10 second eye test at the start of this year’s season to baseline their brain health following the successful trial of the technology in 2021.

Baseline Your Brain  is an initiative between EyeGuide Technologies, Global Wellness Tracking and launch partners Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League and Essendon District Football League.

The initiative has already seen numerous AFL and AFLW stars including Geelong Cats captain Joel Selwood baseline their brain as part of the 2022 season and now the program has opened for all professional and amateur players. 

The Baseline Your Brain program follows the successful trial of the EyeGuide technology in 2021 by the Yarra Junior Football League.

EyeGuide Chief Executive, Shane Keating, said, “The EyeGuide system was independently validated during the 2021 season and the result was that EyeGuide’s 10 second test successfully detected concussions 85% of the time, which was a fantastic outcome.”

Joel Selwood from the Geelong Cats said, “We need to be smarter about how we manage concussions, particularly at community football level. Concussions shouldn’t be scary, we just need to manage it better, just like we do with all other injuries, to increase the level of care”.

“This technology is available now but wasn’t around when I started playing. It provides players and parents with clear data as well as peace of mind and I believe all sports should embrace it. I have my EyeGuide baseline reading for this season, and I encourage all senior and junior players to get their baseline done as well,” said Selwood.

Baseline Your Brain is about educating players and parents about concussions to raise the level of care at a young age. When these kids grow into being professional AFL players hopefully this level of care will be the norm,” Selwood  added.

Andrew Souter, Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League Chief Executive said, “We invested in the EyeGuide technology last season as we wanted to advance  the wellbeing of our players. The technology has put more of a focus on how concussions are managed in general and, as a result, I believe the MPJFL offers a higher level of care to our players.

“Parents are very appreciative the MPJFL is always finding better ways to look after their kids while they play footy” said Souter.

Essendon District Football League Chief Executive, Ian Kyte, said, “Concussion is an important player safety issue in football and Essendon District Football League (EDFL) wants to lead the way in improving the level of care for our players. “

Baseline Your Brain is one of a number of wellbeing programs we will be running this season to make sure our players receive the best possible care in the EDFL,” said Kyte.

The Baseline Your Brain program is open to all and works by players or parents booking into a testing session at Leagues, schools, and community groups can also arrange their own testing sessions.

Global Wellness Tracking, a specialist provider of sports testing services, conducts the baseline test in the community with an EyeGuide unit. The results are securely stored online and if players have any concerns about their brain health during the season, they can then arrange for follow up testing via their association, club, or the Allied Health Care Network.

Keating said EyeGuide is used in accordance with the AFL’s Guidelines for Concussion Management in Community Football.

“These guidelines detail how eye tracking can be used as a tool to gather additional data in conjunction with the SCAT process, where all diagnostic and return to play decisions are made by a medical professional,” said Keating.

Further information and bookings to Baseline Your Brain  can be made at